Friday, February 10, 2012

Chapter 7 Summary

Nya: Nya’s sister, Akeer, is very, very sick. This illness is common to Nya’s area, and for the elderly and small children it can be fatal. There is a clinic a few days’ walk away, but the family has to decide whether Akeer can survive the trip or if she should stay in the village to rest.

Salva: Salva is absolutely terrified now that his friend was eaten by a lion. Uncle was able to calm Salva’s fear enough that Salva could keep walking each day. Eventually the group came to the bank of the Nile River at one of its widest parts. Uncle explained they must cross the river and then a desert before finally arriving to Ethiopia. The group made boats out of reeds.  It took two days before they were finally ready to cross the river.

- Mrs. Johnson